The Brussels-based court has set Tuesday, has not yet examined the European arrest warrant, the Spanish court of first instance, issued against the former prime minister, the president of Catalonia, and Carles Puigdemont. That is, it will only be on the 16th of december, be done, for example, the representatives of the Catalan politician dinsdagvoormiddag have been reported.

According to the defence, the public prosecutor in Brussels is of the opinion that the PAYMENT is reasonably practicable. “We’ll waive the immunity of a person as a member of the European parliament to call for, and the fact that there is no mention of the double charges, and that there is a risk of harm to the violation of the rights of our clients,” says the master, Paul Bekaert.

in The Spanish court, had, on the 14th of October, the creation of a European arrest warrant (EAW) issued against Puigdemont. Spain Puigdemont continue as he was, in 2017 a referendum is organised, and thus ran counter to the Spanish constitution. Two of the earlier EAW’s that were issued as a result of the Spanish court, revoked. The European arrest warrant that we issued is Puigdemont be prosecuted for misuse of public funds, and for all.

“The Belgian prosecutor’s office is of the opinion that the case in Belgium, are liable to be punished,” says the master of Bekaert. “It would be by Belgian law, to go to the diversion of public funds and conspiracy against the government. We will waive the immunity of a person requesting assistance, and we will dispute the double charges. We recall that there is a danger that human rights will be used. The EAW is being misused. I remind you that in 2005, the Spanish legislator, in the holding of a referendum is no longer a punishable offence, has been given terms of imprisonment. The reason for this was that the legislator is not democratic, to terms of imprisonment to be imposed for the holding of a referendum.”

the Spanish deputy prime minister: “We do not understand, is that Belgium are fugitives, not subjects”:

in the Meantime, let the government of Spain on behalf of the deputy prime minister, Carmen Calvo know for sure that they “wouldn’t understand” if the Belgian state, “those who are on the run, for the Spanish dish,” it would not surrender. The council also said that the government of which they are a part of, belongs to, in this case, decisions will have to take”, without specifying which. For her, it was “not reasonable” and that a “good” democracy, as the Spanish in the security is suspended, “that all men are equal before justice.

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