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The germans from the 15th are intending to land in the Balearic islands as the first foreign tourists who come to Spain in the desescalada Also, will be exempt from “the obligation to preserve the period of quarantine “, as is required of the rest of the people who come to our country from the outside. So it is in the ministerial order, which today publishes the BOE, which regulates a pilot program of opening of corridors for tourist insurance in the archipelago, by the partial lifting of the temporary checkpoints at the internal borders established as a result of the situation of health crisis caused by the COVID-19”.

During the second half of the month is scheduled the arrival of 47 flights with a maximum total of 10.900 tourists originating from the German airports of Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Hanover.

The order of Health specifies the conditions of safety, in the sense that the State of origin of the tourists, and also the Balearic islands, must have a “rate of attack of COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants in seven consecutive days not less than nine cases, thereby ensuring that a situation of equivalence epidemiological”. it is Also required that the airport of entry has the “capacity to respond to public health emergencies of international concern”, which will be those of Palma, Ibiza and Mahon.

beyond, in terms of the checks on your state of health, the specific text only ” at the airport of arrival, the staff of Health Foreign will carry out the controls health necessary, which will include the document control and any other that may be deemed appropriate linked to the fulfilment by the tourists of the requirements prescribed in this order.” In principle, it is believed that will be measurements of temperature.

The tourists need to get with round trip ticket and a minimum stay of five nights, the companies that operate should have implemented the measures required within the EU -“the Voluntary Program of Monitoring of the Implementation of the Protocol Operating EASA or the recommendations of EASA”- and provide passengers with the form of public health so that they are traceable.

The order of Health justifies that “bearing in mind the progress achieved in some areas of the Transition Plan to the New Normal, it is recommended the implementation of pilot programmes through the establishment of corridors, tourist insurance, prior to the completion of the alarm condition, to be able to check out the working model of lifting controls temporary internal borders and the recovery of the freedom of movement”. “In this way, -it adds – can be done with guarantees, follow-up, the identification and isolation of possible cases of COVID-19, with a number of tourists far below that expected there may be later”