Head of the day – “The power”: Why a ultimately arch-conservative TV preacher against Trump, Pat Robertson, the 90 turns-year-old charismatic Televangelist and media Mogul, has attacked in his Show the length of him hyped Trump sharp. Alexandra Kedves1 Kommentar1Televangelist Pat Robertson, here in 2017, explained to lamb his TV that Donald Trump was indecent. Photo: Getty

His Show “The 700 Club” reaches every day over a Million spectators, and 1960 based station CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network), which broadcasts its programmes in 180 countries, was courted by Donald Trump since the beginning of his presidency. Finally, Pat Robertson has a hot wire to the white Evangelicals and other strict Christian groups. And no other Segment of the population holds tight to the non-Christian two-fold ex-husband in the Oval Office.

Wink with the Bible

But now even the arch-conservative 90-year-old Robertson with the literally God-given – with net assets of at least 100 million Swiss francs has, apparently, enough. Trump had announced that he wanted to send the army into the cities, and if need be, without the consent of the regional politicians.

After that, he left a peaceful Demonstration in front of the White house with ostentatious hardness of resolve to keep ahead of a nearby Church without a word of a Bible as a guide to the city of his umbrella. A Wink with the fence post for the Evangelicals, to sink trump’s poll numbers but since the Corona of crisis, even in the case of the ordinary electorate.

The angle was bad for the Old man, the study at Yale), until a crisis was in 1955, after a failed lawyer exam (this in spite of the glossy law, has been little talk later, his awakening experience, including the tongue and the preacher. “Now would be the time to say: “I understand your pain, I will comfort you; I think it is time that we love each other.””

But the President chose a different path”, said Pat Robertson, who in 1988 himself as a presidential candidate in position. “He said: “I am prepared to send the troops, if the governors of the Nation to act”… in fact, he spoke of them as idiots. No, Mr. President. That’s not cool!”

pretty cool, like the crinkly Robertson – 2018 he suffered a stroke sits and sputters. If “you” does sounds in view of the situation is also quite helpless. Presumably, many of his viewers Trump to hold the umbrella, sorry: the rod, at the election in November. Often liefs different than Robertson, the son of a democratic (!) Senator, it is wished. Or God had entered him.

he said with reference to the Almighty in concrete terms, the future. Prophesied about the end of the world for 1982, a major terrorist attack in the United States in 2007, the choice Romney Mitt for President in 2012.

mandate of heaven

The Televangelist and media Mogul is considered to be the most important charismatic leader figure of the United States – in spite of the girl, out of wedlock begotten a child (a fact that he is trying to cover up had). He came with some God interpretations in criticism. As Robertson pointed to 9/11 and the devastation of hurricane Katrina as punishment for the way of life of the LGBTQ Community and the abortion policy.

Robertson’s first Trump-doubt, by the way – than the United States 2019 from Syria withdrew – showed at the Trump supporters anyway, no Fluctuate. Although he formulated: “The President is in danger of losing the mandate of heaven.” It would be enough if he were to lose one of the people.

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