Head of the day – He can be Conservative for the left, Sweden swarming Anders Tegnell, Swedish chief epidemiologist, are becoming more and more criticism for its exceptionalism. It does not seem to impress the. Opinion beat Metzler8 Kommentare8Hat much to explain: The Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell there for months, a countless number of Interviews.Photo: Claudio Bresciani (Reuters)

Andres Tegnell, a 64-year-old physician with a penchant for the baggy sweater and bed-hairstyles, seems to have boundless self-confidence. During the Corona-crisis, the Swedish chief epidemiologist shot to an internationally controversial figure high. Strangers shower him with bouquets, while others send death threats.

The excitement of taking care Tegnell hardly. He draws his line. And continue to dry comments. As he said recently, the Italians have fewer resources than Sweden, in order to protect the old people against the Corona. However, Italy fought back with an official Communiqué.

Tegnell is part of the reason that Sweden is opposed to the Coronavirus without the Lockdown. Schools, shops, Restaurants, and borders remained open, an exception in Europe. Patient Tegnell explained to his countrymen the exceptionalism, which is based on consideration of the Individual. Soon, a cult formed around the people of middle disease specialists, Fans composed Tegnell-songs, printed T-Shirts with his visage, a fashion magazine analyzed his style of dress.

The praise came from an unexpected quarter. Conservatives from all over the world commented on the the left-green ruled Sweden for the last Bastion of freedom.

is It too early for a conclusion, says Tegnell

in Parallel, the doubt grew. Swedish scientists have criticized Tegnells approach as a cynical and risky, accusing him of a lack of competence. Tegnells predecessor said, is the development in the country recently, “very sad”. Sweden has one of the highest death rates in Europe, the number of new Infections drops is hardly. The Virus has not spread as far as Tegnell, the advance had said. According to forecasts, will suffer, Sweden’s economy is hardly less than those in Lockdown countries.

And Tegnell? Defended single-minded in his strategy. Apart from problems in homes for the elderly in Sweden had come so far, well, he says in Interviews. It is too early to draw a conclusion. The Virus will still be there for a long time. One must also take into account the other consequences of the Lockdown.

Tegnells rest may be explained from the year 1995. At that time, the disease expert from the WHO was sent into the Congo, where Ebola loswütete. People died, panic, and Chaos reigned. Tegnell helped to bring the outbreak under control. These experience have shaped him, he says in an Interview. In 2009, developed Tegnell a vaccination programme against the swine flu, in 2013 you voted epidemiologists him to the Swedish Chef.

Unruly and bulky

Since the rise of the Superstar he receives journalists in his idyllic family home, from where he commutes two hours every day to Stockholm. With his wife he has three daughters, the family picture holding his key back, he says. Himself he describes as unruly and bulky. Tegnell Gordon cited Gekko from the movie “Wall Street” (“lunch is for sissies”), at the same time, he gives the down-to-earth father who likes to cook, and tomato breeding.

it’s Open, how he will stand to the Corona-crisis. According to Swedish media friends are worried that Tegnells approach fails. Then he could fall from the darling of the Nation for a hate figure.

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