actress Heather Keller (79), the long head hostess Beatrice on the “dream ship” played, keeps Florian silver iron for a miscast on the ZDF-steamer. “With the “dream ship”-captain of connecting a cheerful boy who’s hanging out with a good mood to the music on stage,” she said on Friday of the German press Agency.

The captain on the “dream ship” was not a nice entertainer. “This is a man, the man entrusted even during storms and disasters of his life,” said the actress. Of course, silver and iron have a large audience, and you wish him also to be the same forever. “But I think the decision for a total miscast.”

An undiscovered natural talent?

the basement had been hired with the Start of the cult-series in 1981 on the “dream ship. By the end of 2017 – more than 35 years – she played the good-hearted chef, hostess, Beatrice. In this time they experienced all the “dream ship”captains to Sascha Hehn. Its successor will now show master Florian silver iron, such as the ZDF announced on Friday.