A young man has, according to American media, an attempt on the White house in Washington, reports planned – but is already far ahead of the implementation of its Plan by the Federal police has been stopped. The officials had arrested Hasher Jallal T., as he tried to undercover officers in Atlanta (state of Georgia) to buy the weapons for the alleged assassination attempt and to give his car in payment.

The man had according to the Reports, a hand-drawn sketch of the ground floor of the West wing of the White house – the Oval Office of the President is, among other things.

The Federal police had the 21-year-old man, therefore, already since March of last year under observation, according to a note from the environment of the man. The informant, the young man got radicalized, his name changed, and a journey abroad planned.

A danger to the community or for members of government had not passed, it said.