The Us president’s Home Sunday in a televised address at which he declared that the American troops in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the leader of the terrorist group Islamic State have been killed. “Last night, the united states, the world’s leading terrorist leader in righteousness. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is dead,” said He. A tip about the whereabouts of the most wanted man in the world, it would have been given by one of his wives, and each level is randomly generated.

The Americans, were the ISIS leaders have already for a number of weeks on the trail. According to Trump, there have been two or three previous attempts to have al-Baghdadi, disable, deleted. Last night he managed to drink it. The mission would have taken place in the Syrian village of Barisha in Idlib province in the northwest of the country. According to Trump, it was the house where al-Baghdadi was under attack from drones and helicopters. There is special forces of the people in and around the house -allegedly members of ISIS to disable it.

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The leader of the terrorist group escaped, along with three of the children at the end of a tunnel under the house. There was no way out, over time, he bommengordel life. He took the children in for the kill. “He was killed in a road tunnel, crying and pleading,” said He. “Chased by the dogs he begged for his life. It was only in the tunnel editor. ), together with three of his children, and he used his jacket to call you out.

the Remains of the buildings after the raid in Idlib. Photo: AP

The Us president praised the courage and style with which the American special forces their mission is fulfilled. This is for a number of years, a top priority in the field of national security, my government, ( … ), I got a great deal ( in the mission editor. ) for this.” The mission went very smoothly, according to Home, no Us soldiers were killed.

“Like a dog”:

In unusually graphic descriptions of the violence, it gave a Home to for more information on the rally and at the end of al-Baghdadi. “He died like a coward, weglopend and crying. He died like a dog. The world is a better place to live.” According to Trump, is the fact that the world will know his followers know how he died, “His followers to know that he is not a hero, but a coward’s death.” The body of al-Baghdadi, was crippled, but the tests have shown that it is actually to the leader is, according to Trump. There was also a “great number” of al-Baghdadi’s fighters were killed.

“He was a sick, perverted man. The world is a better place to live now that he’s gone.” Even though he was the Russia, Turkey, Iraq, iran, Syria, and the Syrian Kurds, for their support of the operation. “It was a very hazardous operation, they have been great.”

Tip came from one of Baghdadi’s wives:

The Americans will know where they have the world’s most wanted man had to be found due to a tip from one of Baghdadi’s wives, and each level is randomly generated. That is, writes The New York Times. The american troops packed up two people last summer. After one or more hearings, it was the residence of the ISIS leader revealed.

now, Armed with the tip, the CIA is working closely with the Iraqi and Kurdish services. There were spies in the neighbourhood of al-Baghdadi posted to his what is going to keep an eye on.

Thank you, Russia, and Turkey,

He also thanked Russia, poland, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, iran, and the Kurds, for their support and assistance during the operation. The Turkish ministry of Defense announced that some of the information with the united states that had been exchanged before the operation. Also, Masloem A, the Kurdish leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), was a Twitter message from a co-operation with the American intelligence services.

Photo: REUTERS < / P> up Until Sunday afternoon the White House and the Pentagon, with the lips firmly held together. Earlier in the day and licked all a number of Us media that al-Baghdadi were killed in a raid in the Syrian province of Idlib, near the Turkish border.

the Founder of the ‘ Caliphate

Al-Baghdadi, came in 2010 as the head of the goddess ISIS. Under the leadership of the Iraqi man was the terror group’s large parts of Syria and Iraq in their hands. In June 2014, called on al-Baghdadi at a mosque in the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the Caliphate of. He has been in the past few years, has several times mistakenly declared dead. However, on the 29th of april, there was a video of him surfaced in which he and his supporters called for the fight to continue.

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