the Two female astronauts, who, along with a spacewalk to repair the international space station (ISS) to carry out. It was a historic event, but it is not in the same way as the American president, He thought it was. And two of the astronauts wanted to be his mistake, however, to quickly rectify the situation.

Mary Koch, and Jessica Meir, were on Friday, the first of the two female astronauts, who are without a husband at their side in a space made. As President He was the first of only two women ever to be a space of discovery. But it was a bit short-sighted.

Astronauts, Christina Koch, and Jessica Meir (Photo: via REUTERS

in a phone call from the Home in which he and the two girls wanted to be congratulated for their historic space walk, they said, “This is the first time that a woman, outside of the international space station is. You guys are awesome. She is the first female space walk carried out in order to be a part of the exterior of the international space station to replace it.”

finally, Jessica in a Bar and heard the statement with surprise, and corrected for the president and from the ISS, right out: “We want to give ourselves too much credit to use, as there are a lot of female spacewalkers have been. It is the first time that two women together out there.”

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