Haliey Welch, known as the “Hawk Tuah Girl,” has recently gained viral fame for her now-famous phrase that she shared during the weekend of the Country Music Awards. The clip of her saying, “Awh, you gotta hawk…tuah, spit on that thang – you get me?” quickly spread on TikTok and beyond.

Initially keeping a low profile, Welch has now embraced her newfound fame. She made her first paid appearance at the Daer Dayclub in South Florida to celebrate reaching 1 million followers on Instagram. During the event, she sported a Miami Dolphins shirt, specifically a Tua Tagovailoa jersey.

According to TMZ, Welch was paid $30,000 for her appearance at the club and is currently in discussions for a potential reality TV show. She has also been making other public appearances, such as being invited on stage at a Zach Bryan concert in Nashville and meeting with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

O’Neal advised Welch to surround herself with a “smart team” to navigate her sudden rise to fame and to ignore any negative comments she may receive. Despite facing backlash, Welch recently addressed some rumors about her on Barstool Sports’ podcast “Plan Bri Uncut” with Brianna LaPaglia. She clarified that she was not a teacher and did not get fired over her viral remarks.

Additionally, Welch shared that someone offered her $600 for a jar containing her spit, highlighting the extent of her newfound popularity. As she continues to navigate her unexpected fame, Welch is determined to stay grounded and focus on the positive aspects of her rise to prominence.