Have you lost an object ? Here are the 13 places to check in your home


The French, big heads-in-the-air? According to an Ipsos survey commissioned by the startup Troov, they would have lost no less than 35 million objects in 2021, or 1.2 per household.

It is in the street that they most often misplace their belongings (in 49% of cases), then in municipal establishments such as schools and swimming pools (33%), shopping centers (27%) and public transport (26%).

Still according to the study, the most lost objects would be, in order:

In addition, 55% of French people would never find their property. And barely 20% of lost objects return to their legitimate owners, according to the aide-sociale.fr site.

If you have lost your phone, or valuable property, and you suspect a theft, do not delay in reporting the event to the nearest police station or gendarmerie.

And even if it is a simple oversight, you can still take a few steps that could put you back on the path to your good.

In Paris, for example, there is a lost property service within the police headquarters. You can declare a loss by filling out a simple form on the internet.

If you find something in the public space that seems to have been lost, you can also contact this service to return it.

But before you panic, check your home or office for the 13 places mentioned in our slideshow above.

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