Royal Photographer Criticizes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Day

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day in May 2018 has been criticized as “a miserable day” by a royal photographer. The photographer claimed it was ‘the worst royal wedding he ever did’. The couple, who wed in a lavish affair at St George‚Äôs Chapel in Windsor, were said to have been ‘determined’ to keep the press at bay. This decision to distance themselves from the media has been viewed as a disservice to themselves, according to royal expert Tom Quinn.

Quinn mentioned that by trying to keep the press away, Prince Harry missed an opportunity to showcase himself as a positive character and to gain the support of the media. The royal photographer, Arthur Edwards, who worked for The Sun, also expressed his disappointment with the wedding day, stating that Harry was insistent on minimizing media coverage.

The couple’s actions have attracted attention six years after their wedding, following a successful trip to Nigeria. Meghan Markle, who discovered through a DNA test that she has Nigerian ancestry, expressed her gratitude to the Nigerian people for their hospitality during the visit. She mentioned in a letter to a Nigerian King that she looks forward to returning home one day to explore more about her heritage.

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