Last month, was given to Hans Vanaken (27) does not play and the opportunities for the Red Devils, although many of them felt that he had earned it. There is also very little changed across time, Vanaken is playing in Belgium is always on the same level. He’s going to this time, however, minutes to get?

“I don’t know, it’s hard to tell,” said Vanaken Tuesday afternoon at his press conference in the Patients. “I just want to do my best at the Club, in Bruges, try and be there as best as possible to make a difference, and the attention of the head coach. However, we have a very, very large, and the competition is huge, so it remains to be seen. We’ll see what happens.”

the Last time I went there, mainly due to the Club’s fans and, of course, have seriously campaigned for Vanaken is in the squad to get in. That he would have noticed. “Well, yes, that’s good to hear that people believe in me, but it’s the coach’s decision. Finally, it was Raman, and Verschaeren, when the chance of minutes to do, but also because they have, for the first time in front of them. Ok, well, I would have collapsed, everyone would have fallen, but they are the choices of the coach. You just need to respect it.”

As Vanaken said he will remain through the Club and fight for his place. And it’s going to a Club for the wind. “The competition is going to be very fast, yes. The scoringsprobleem is a thing of the past, the balls are going to get good at it. I feel I am in shape. But the receipt you are not allowed in the national team, a lot of players who are in form. And they should also have a look at the best players in the world, and especially in my position. If I can substitute for Eden Hazard, as in the last two caps in, I’ll already be content.”

Photo: Jan De Meuleneir/Photo-News < / P> Praet: “Training in Italy to his more boring”

Well, Dennis Praet has been a lucky Red Devil. The happiness radiates from the face of the 25-year-old midfielder, who is at Leicester City’s rise to the capture is.

“Everything’s fine,” said Praet. “I am very happy that I made the move from Sampdoria to the Tube have been made. What is the difference? In the uk, there will be more intensity during the training sessions and the matches. In Italy it is more tactical to it. The training courses are longer, with less and less intensity. I’m still adjusting to this new way of playing. I don’t know if I should only be in Italian or English football. I really enjoy both of these. The training courses in the uk, have fun in Italy, it can sometimes be boring. That’s why I see England as a step forward. Be Sure To Leicester. I have noticed though is that the team is a lot of potential it had. That the evidence we have now, we’re on for a European place. The coaches, Brendan Rodgers and the head coach, Roberto Martinez, are similar. Hot coaches working with their players to talk to. In Italy, talked with the trainer, will never be with me.”

At the Tube, he saw Youri Tielemans, and his ex-teammate in Anderlecht’s back. “With Williams, it’s fun to play, and always has been,” said Praet. “It’s not that I dreamed of having with him, that it would be an exaggeration. However, I thought it was nice that he was there. He has helped me well in the Tube. Also, Ndidi, to the spider in the Tube, which is everywhere, with his feet among them, was a familiar face. He also played with RC Genk.”

While he was at Leicester, is fighting for his move, it seems that the Red Devils are still far, far away. “Of course, I would like to play for the national team,” said Praet. “The competition is very high. It’s not easy to be in a position to win. However, I have to grab any chance. I am hoping that I will get it. I think the coach sees me as a number 8. That’s my best position at the moment.”

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