The last of the German four-hills-tournament winner Sven Hannawald warns of a further reduction in weight of the athletes in ski jumping. “We have to watch out for. In a sport in which weight, keys to 100 grams, that one has to be body weight,“ said Hanna of the forest in an Interview with the German press Agency.

He drove himself in his playing days, to his physical and mental limits. Images that showed the extremely lean winter athletes once in the summer vacation in a bathing suit, had fueled a discussion of health problems with ski Jumpers because of their extreme weight. With the distance of one and a half decades, the now 44-Year-old says today on the subject: “It has nothing to do with anorexia, it comes in sports performance.”

The step of the world Federation Fis, the weigh-Springer since this summer, without shoes, instead of shoes, he evaluated but positive: “We have already reached a point where nobody.”

Since the beginning of the new season, the jumpers must increase as a result of the new scale system or a shorter Ski jump. Almost all of the athletes decided to cut your own Skis. “The Fis is on a good path,” says Hanna woods.

However, the athlete could also choose to increase to the desired Relation of length and body weight. “In my eyes, you should move the whole box to a Kilo of it grab,” said Hanna of the forest.