the Countdown for the home world Championships the German handball player and running – but without the former world champion Michael Kraus. National coach Christian Prokop has announced on Monday its preliminary roster for the tournament in January and waived a Comeback for the 35-year-old Playmaker of the TVB Stuttgart. The Name of the world champion of 2007 is not on the list of 28 players from which per capita income up to the world Cup opening game on 10. January, shall select, in Berlin his 16 players for the tournament. Surprisingly, the Not-to take account of Kraus.

“He has brought strong performances and has made the decision difficult,” admitted Prokop. But Kraus is currently injured anyway at the right Hand, and probably not until the Christmas day re-fit. In addition, the Federal coach had stressed previously that he trusted, in spite of Kraus’s least convincing performances in the League rather other actors, such as Fabian Böhm, Paul Drux or the second League-player Martin Strobel in the back room position. In goalkeeper Johannes Bitter another world champion from 2007 made the leap into the provisional squad.

“The phone calls with all of the positive,” said Prokop, in Rostock on the conversations with those players who had hopes of inclusion in the extended squad, but in the end, Cancel had to accept. Surprisingly, the 21-year-old Marian Michalczik, for example, is not even in the extended squad. Instead, Procopius called five circle runner. A basic framework of the final world Cup squad. the 39-Year-old but in the head An indication of the 17 players who were nominated for the first FIFA world Cup test game on Wednesday (19.00) in Rostock, Germany against Poland.

“We now need to grow as a Team together”

The last of the wounded Drux of the foxes Berlin met on Monday to the original 16 nominated actors. “Paul Drux if we add to that, after he gave his Comeback in the last League game,” said Prokop. Drux had to suspend because of a foot Operation before two and a half months.

said in Rostock tightened squad have “a small advantage over the other” out of the 28 squad, Prokop. On the circle for one and a half years of active Federal coach has the smallest selection problem: Here’s Patrick Wiencek and Hendrik Peker from THW Kiel, as well as Jannik Kohlbacher from the Rhein-Neckar Löwen your first choice. “In defence, I’m very pleased,” said Prokop.

Because captain Uwe Gensheimer is not turned off by his club Paris St. Germain for the test game on Wednesday, nominated Procopius against Poland as a second left winger Marcel Schiller of Frisch auf Göppingen behind the Magdeburg Matthias Musche. The game against the former world Vice-champion of Poland for the German national team of the countries game of the year 2018. It, however, will continue seamlessly. Because of the world Cup-fine grinding is already 28 with the next course. December continued in Barsinghausen. It test matches against the Czech Republic on 4. January in Hannover and against Argentina on 6. January in Kiel.