The SC Magdeburg has reached the last Team in the Final Four tournament of the DHB Cup. In accordance with the THW Kiel, the foxes Berlin and TSV Hannover-Burgdorf, the Magdeburg handball team moved in on Wednesday night with a surprisingly clear 40:27 (21:12) against Frisch auf Göppingen to the final tournament, the 6. and 7. April 2019 traditionally, in Hamburg, will be held. The semi-final matches will be at 8. January 2019 in the Hamburg draw. Best of the Magdeburg Matthias Musche were to Protect with ten goals and Marco Rentschler with six goals for Göppingen.

Magdeburg wanted to take their revenge for the home defeat at the end of November, and continued at the beginning of 5:2. Göppingens coach Hartmut Mayer Hoffer took early in his time off, but the SCM remained at the pusher and moved to 13:6. Also in the double Majority of the guests could not shorten. Three SCM goals within 70 seconds meant a nine-goal lead at half-time.

FrischAuf met with the start of the second half at the 21:13, but the Swabians came in the attack, Magdeburg played against consistently, and excelled in part, although in Marko Bezjak’s first-choice playmaker was missing. At the 27:15 and the game was already decided.