The danger of American punitive tariffs for car imports, the German economy is also preparing to the Meeting of car managers and the government of the United States. The Association of the Bavarian economy (VBW) warned of “extremely serious” charges, which went far beyond the companies concerned, if the threatened importation to be implemented, tariffs of up to 25 percent.

Then manufacturers customs cost of up to 5 billion euros in the year – ten Times threaten the car as much as currently, the consulting firm EY in a study commissioned by the VBW. Currently, the Americans demand a 2.5 percent tariff.

“The customs dispute demonstrates that all the Parties need to return to the negotiating table, to stop at our company’s uncertainty as quickly as possible,” said vbw CEO Bertram Brossardt of the German press Agency. After the Meeting of top representatives from Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW, with President Donald Trump on Tuesday in the White house, the German Manager sound optimistic. But from the table to the criminal not are duties, even if the companies have announced large investments in the United States.