A hobby photographer it’s thanks to the Hanauer that you can make a picture of their city from destruction in the Second world war. Photographs of a teacher to convey an idea of the intact Old town and the new town. The 1898-born Franz Weber was a teacher at a district school in Hanau, Germany, and was for the then still new Medium of photography. His pictures exposed on glass plates, which were used as a Negative.

Jan Schiefenhövel

a Freelance writer based in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Later, the teacher made his Hobby to a profession. In the thirties, the authorities also learned to appreciate the technical possibilities of light images. In 1934, the image was founded in place of the city. The photo archive was the precursor of today’s urban media center, which is affiliated with the city library.

The Reich Ministry for science, education and popular education had instructed all of the cities, such image areas are set up. Their task was to collect images to use as teaching material for the home customer. In Hanau, Germany, Weber is the first head of the Image was and provided them with recordings from his private collection. In addition, he has specifically photos for the image point, in order to document the shape of the city. He is referring to his disciples, with which he took the local history and tours of Hanau.

digitisation of the photos is a laborious small work

In the war finally broke, Weber systematically one block after the other with all the buildings. The background was that the Regime of the national socialists, had applied to all cities to document their building stock, presumably because it is thought to be able to winning the war by the allies of war, parties to a compensation request.

The Weber exposed glass plates are still for deductions usable. His recordings form the basic stock of city media centre, comprising a total of 360 000 images. Most of the shots are analog and are digitized according to the head of Department, Martin Hoppe, and the Head of the city library, Beate Schwarz-Simon, one after the other. It is not done, the Negative, whether on the glass plate or Film to be scanned. Rather, all of the data to the time and place of the recording, as well as further information on the subject of Hand must be recognized. In addition, keywords can be assigned to the users of the image archive can also find the recordings you are looking for.

The media center still plays an important role, because it provides the schools with teaching material. Historic photos, however, are scarcely of any importance. The media center procures the licenses for movies, the teacher in the classroom.