Discover Hampshire & Isle of Wight’s Stunning Big Picture Gallery

Are you a photography enthusiast looking to showcase your stunning images to a wider audience? Hampshire & Isle of Wight’s Big Picture is the perfect platform for you to share your captivating visuals with the world.

To submit your picturesque images, you can easily upload them via BBC Weather Watchers or simply email them to us at southweather@bbc.co.uk. Need some inspiration? Take a look at some top tips from three of England’s Big Picture photographers to enhance your photography skills.

When sending in your images, remember to include important details such as the full name of the photographer (as the copyright owner), permission for the BBC to use the images, location, date, and time of the pictures, as well as your contact number for any follow-up inquiries. Any additional information about the images would also be helpful for us to know.

While we appreciate all submissions, we are more likely to feature images taken within the past week. You can also find a collection of pictures on Instagram under the hashtags #bbcsouthnews, #HampshiresBigPicture, and #IsleofWightsBigPicture.

By contributing to Hampshire & Isle of Wight’s Big Picture, you grant us a royalty-free license to publish and utilize your material across various media platforms globally. Rest assured, you retain ownership of the copyright, and if your image is selected, we will credit you by publishing your name alongside it.

Please be mindful of safety and legal regulations when capturing images. The BBC reserves the right to edit comments and may not guarantee the use of all submitted pictures.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to showcase your photography skills and be part of Hampshire & Isle of Wight’s Big Picture gallery. Submit your images now and let your creativity shine!