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Seven years after the first title of Mercedes in this era hybrid of the Formula 1, the car is German manufactured in England is even more hegemonic. It is so superior that humbles. It is insulting to the competitors, tedious for spectators and harmful to the show which is supposed to be the Formula 1. In Hungary, slow track, with no space for the horses of the engine, without the option of overtaking, a track for turtles, Hamilton rode roughshod over their rivals. Doubled all the cars except four, the talented Verstappen, his team-mate Bottas, the rocket Racing Point with a Stroll and the other Red Bull with Albon. Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, all cars succumbed to the tremendous Mercedes. Boredom total. It is the eighth victory of Hamilton in Hungary, another record of partial successes: Schumacher has also eight in Magny Cours (France). Carlos Sainz finished ninth after a nice battle with his future teammate Charles Leclerc and enjoy the benefit of a penalty on Magnussen.

The most exciting part of Sunday was the challenge submitted by Max Verstappen to its mechanics. Crashed against the barriers on the formation lap, employee of Red Bull had just twenty minutes to repair a damaged car, replace the front spoiler and adjust axles and wheels so that the phenomenon Dutch to rise out from the grill and not from the street of garages.

Met the mechanics in that time trial to record time and obtained the reward of the tulip, which carried out a magnificent career, finished second and dedicated the podium to his fellow-sufferer in the public statements.

The hegemony of Mercedes is harmful and unsanitary for the Formula 1. Overrides the competition, it destroys any emotion and drives away the sponsors. Six years of domination, sometimes overwhelming, and other just effective, have been derived in the seventh season in a humiliation is almost unacceptable. It can’t be that the Mercedes double all the cars, the Ferrari, the McLaren, the Renault, a Red Bull.

Hamilton, who is a genius behind the wheel, the best driver of the current F1, leads with the elbow in the window, carefree. So much so that it allowed the license, almost rude, to stop in the very last laps to put the red tires, make the fastest lap and take all the loot from Hungary. Victory, pole and fastest lap. If there is no safety car, is a sure win of a Mercedes.

with regard to the option of triumph, there was nothing more. The good performance of the dolphin Hamilton, Verstappen, the speed of the other Mercedes, with Bottas, and the amazing performance of the Racing Point , the Mercedes, 2019, call him, with Stroll fourth and Sergio Perez seventh.

In a career sosísima and that penalizes the own sport, Carlos Sainz made a great outlet , another, dreamed of a plan that is powerful and turned to the ruin of the afternoon in the stalls in the garage. “This time was not the fault of the team or anyone else. I had bad luck to get back on track with the traffic,” said the spaniard, author of a beautiful advancement to your future mate at Ferrari, Charles Leclerc.