On 4. December 2017, presented Robert Menasse in Tübingen with the German book prize-winning novel “The capital”. This historical novel from the presence of a many-headed hero: the EU-Commission. For years, Menasse advertises in texts of a variety of variety for a “European Republic” and a turning point in the history be aware of, to acknowledge the heroism of the Brussels bureaucrats. So also this evening. Multiple Menasse summoned a historical fact, to show how far the Commission was from the Moment of creation of our time: Walter Hallstein, its first President, its held inaugural speech in 1958 on the site of the Auschwitz extermination camp, the place where you can see where the nation-state.

Patrick Bahners

feuilleton correspondent in Cologne and is responsible for “Humanities”.

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In the tübingen audience Hans-Joachim Lang was sitting, one skilled in the art for the story of the Nazi medical crimes. It electrified with the Information that Hallstein, a Professor of law at the Konrad Adenauer after Brussels had sent, only thirteen years after the liberation of Auschwitz, a sense of the pen should have made the connection between this place and the European project.

In the University library ordered the Length of the book edition of the “European Talk” of a hall-stone of 1979. Disappointed, he noted, that of all the missing maiden speech. On Facebook, he inquired at Menasse the Fund. A reply he received. The Historical archives of the EU in Brussels, announced after consultation with the Federal archives in Koblenz, of a speech hall, stone, in Auschwitz there was no trace.