Tragic Incident Involving Hallmark Actor in Vancouver Hospital

A young Hallmark soap opera actor, Mamie Laverock, is facing life-threatening injuries after falling five stories from a balcony walkway at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. Known for her role in When Calls the Heart, Laverock is currently in critical condition and is fighting hard to recover from her injuries.

The incident occurred as Laverock was being escorted from a secure unit at the hospital, according to her family. Her parents have shared that her body has been severely injured, causing her tremendous pain. Despite the challenges, they remain hopeful and thankful for the support and prayers they have received.

Laverock, who played a recurring role as Rosaleen Sullivan in When Calls the Heart, has been a beloved member of the show’s cast. Her family set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses, sharing that her mother played a crucial role in getting her the necessary medical attention in time to save her life.

Following a series of surgeries, Laverock was transferred to another hospital from St. Paul’s. Providence Health Care, the organization overseeing the hospital, has expressed condolences to the family and emphasized their commitment to patient safety through internal reviews of such incidents.

Despite the challenges, Laverock’s family remains hopeful for her recovery and is grateful for the outpouring of support from fans and colleagues. The stars of When Calls the Heart have shared their support online, urging others to donate to help with Laverock’s medical expenses.

The incident has sparked concern and sadness among fans and the entertainment community, with many expressing their well wishes for Laverock’s recovery. As the investigation into the incident continues, the focus remains on Laverock’s health and well-being.

Jason Proctor, a reporter for CBC News in British Columbia, has been following the story closely and providing updates on the situation.

Mamie Laverock is a talented young actor known for her role in the Hallmark soap opera When Calls the Heart. She has captured the hearts of audiences with her portrayal of Rosaleen Sullivan and has been a valuable member of the show’s cast. Laverock’s family and fans continue to show their support as she bravely fights for her recovery.