half of home care services by local authorities have current job vacancies for a family practice and poetskrachten. It’s going to be as good as it always was for the replacement of the existing staff. According to a recent survey by the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) to its members. The services have a low level of confidence in the interpretation of job vacancies, which demand, under pressure.

finally, The VVSG would like to have that lost jobs, more respect, and ask that the Flemish government will provide more flexibility and clarity in relation to the grants, which will provide additional jobs. “Due to the ageing of the population will need care in the future will only grow,” says the VVSG.

one-half of the local authorities, it has to be at least one vacancy for a care or cleaning power. Little, or no, candidates are to log on, and there is very little interest in the activities of the main reasons for the shortfall. “People underestimate the importance of cleaning power, or care for people at home,” says Catherine these opportunities is of Concern for Himself. “However, they will often be the difference, with people in their familiar surroundings.”

now That the jobs are not being completed and has consequences at two of the three services, this will also lead to an increased workload for the staff. The VVSG will be a run-down of the is to avoid. “Recruitment can be faster and more focused, and the job of cleaning power, or nursing will earn a better rating, and we have to fully focus on the strengthening of skills in the workplace,” says the VVSG-president, Wim Dries.