and Only half of them (53 per cent) of the Belgian workers found that in the smart road pricing, there should be. According to a survey by the federation of Enterprises in Belgium (feb-VBO). “It’s always been in favour of it”, says chairman Peter Carpenter, who acknowledges that it is too hard to file. He sees the good as well as the mobiliteitsbudget.

The nearly even split in supporters and opponents of road pricing, it is one of the findings of the representative survey is that it is DRAWN left to run for 1,000 people and a total of 262 companies. It highlights the complexity of the case, said Carpenter, who already has been advocating for as a smart charge instead of a possession charge.

as With the survey in hand, asking for the VBO to be a rough travel plan. That should be at the federal level, some of the cases combine investment in transport infrastructure and public transport services, the ‘greening’ of the fleet, and the mobiliteitsbudget. It also calls for the group to include a comprehensive review for the redefining of the mobiliteitsfiscaliteit.


this is the Only way, according to the DRAWN up for the use of the salariswagen be reduced. In addition, the study shows that employees are committed to their salariswagen because of a perceived lack of alternatives to the work (32%), that they are too attached to the comfort and flexibility of the private car (26%), and that they use their car for work (18%).

In Belgium, driving is between 400,000 and 500,000 units of salariswagens. “The radical proposals, as well as Cash for the car do not work. That’s a lot of steekvlampolitiek and it’s not a vision,” says Carpenter, who also found that investments in highways and fietsostrades the other one does not have to be excluded. One-and-the-story.

finally, The travel plan since march, is in effect, it seems to be doing fine. “It’s been a few months and wait for the results, but I’ve heard that it’s really alive.” Also, the hr service provider Acerta, SD Worx, gave recently to the high expectations of the mobiliteitsbudget. “ Employers are, however, still more time is needed to get the system up,” says Veerle Michiels van SD Worx. “At the end of this year, we hope to gain insight into the use of this system.”
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