Half a century ago: a bull escapes through the streets of Barcelona on a night when Santiago frantic


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The night of Santiago of half a century ago was something else that moved in the city of Barcelona. That Saturday’s July 25 of 1970 ran with festive atmosphere throughout the City of Barcelona, with many passers-by looking for something fresh after a day warm. In the afternoon there were bulls in the Monumental, and to relieve the rigors of the summer at the plaza of The Sands was scheduled for the night a novillada for young researchers within the cycle of “Hope 70”, which was very popular among the fans.

As they battled horn-flanked Nemesio Gonzalez by five aspirants to glory. Elias Gonzalez, Platerito, El Charro, Orteguita and The Zamorano fought for a triumph that did not arrive. The celebration did not arouse passions beyond the inevitable revolcones. But that all changed when the fifth, an animal agalgado, few meats, and many feet, he jumped cleanly to the barrier and, given its impetus, ended up in the lying . In the four, chronicles, rolled a stir monumental. Scares, racing, and panic in the spectators who were trying to flee the torete.

Among the bewilderment, the animal took an exit into the hallways of the plaza, until you reach the door of the desolladero , where he escaped to the street.

he Took the way Cross Cover in the direction of Collblanch to the surprise of many people that at that time, about twelve of the night, we were in the area. After running, went out quickly by the staff of the plaza, several bullfighters who were like spectators in The Arenas and a device for police that caused the logical alarm . Three trucks of Armed Police, cars of the Guardia Urbana, endowments 091… to give scope to evade and avoid any misfortune. Finally, the general was gunned down in two shots and apuntillado by the puntillero of the arena.

Everything was in the shock, in an episode to tell the grandchildren, on a night in Santiago which ended in peace after an intensity that no one expected.