thanks to social media, there are hair-raising footage has leaked from the hundreds of make-up, shaved, blindfolded, and chained people. In the prisoners ‘ waiting knees and under guard, until they get to a “omscholingsplek” in China, is to be made.

“People in today’s society, life is under the control of the government, as the high-tech features, dedication”, says the YouTube account with the War on Fear, , in which the work was published. “People are losing this freedom.”

According to the critics of the Chinese regime, which places a euphemism for concentration camps, but that is negated by the Communist Party. Although it is an open secret that Beijing and the Chinese muslims are hard to deal with it.

It’s unclear when exactly it was made, but it could be earlier, this year to date. “It’s the suppression of human rights and fundamental freedoms, in the long term, due to the Chinese government in the autonomous region of Xinjiang”, which sounds even.

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