If we have already told you about the phishing techniques used by hackers to access your data, this new technique is much simpler. Indeed, in his investigation for the Wall Street Journal, journalist Mishaal Rahman, revealed a major flaw in the Android and Apple systems. This is based on the collection of testimonies from many victims who have seen their accounts hacked, as revealed by our colleagues from Marie France.

For the scammer, the technique is quite easy. All he has to do is have physical access to your phone, and therefore steal it from you. Once this is done, it remains to find your PIN code. If this code is found, the hacker can access all your personal data like your storage data, or your bank or Google account passwords. Indeed, it only needs to change your PIN code with disconcerting ease, as Mishaal Rahman explains.

In this investigation, the journalist found himself confronted with many victims who suffered the consequences of the theft of their telephone. Indeed, many of them have seen their bank accounts emptied, simply with this information. The journalist specifies that most of the victims questioned were iPhone owners. Nevertheless, Mishaal Rahman reiterated the claim that this flaw also affects Android devices.

He mentions in particular on his Twitter post that “this story is terrifying. But, you know what’s worse? This scam also works on Android”. “I was able to change my Google account password using just my lock screen PIN,” he adds.

It concludes by adding that you have to “change to a password” instead of a PIN code. This would better secure your data during a phone theft. The hacker will have more difficulty finding a full password than a four-digit PIN.