(Montreal) Dorel Industries suffered a cybersecurity incident last month that saw an unauthorized third party gain access to some of its systems, they announced Monday.

The Montreal-based manufacturer of childcare and home products said it became aware of the incident on March 29, and claims to have immediately sought the help of industry experts and other advisers.

Dorel said it has taken steps to ensure the security of its business operations, including taking certain systems and services offline. Parts of its business operations have been “temporarily” down, but its systems are now under control and its services are up and running, she added.

The incident is expected to impact Dorel’s first-quarter revenue of between US$12 million and US$15 million, the company calculated, and further expects the majority of this decline is recovered during the second quarter.

The adverse impact on net income for the first quarter is expected to be between $4 million and $5 million, an amount that primarily includes the margin on lost revenue.

Dorel is due to release its first quarter results on May 15.