Cyber attack on Easyjet hackers to gain access to millions of customer data, attackers have gained access to the information of around nine million customers and more than 2000 credit card data. The group assured that no personal data had been abused. 8 Kommentare8Corona crisis and hacker attack: The no-frills Airline Easyjet has quite a lot to accept. Photo: Georgios Kefalas, Keystone

The low-cost airline Easyjet, unknown attackers have access to E-Mail addresses, and travel, gives details of about nine million customers. The company had become the target of a sophisticated hacker attack.

There is no evidence that the information had been needed, said the British airline on Tuesday. However, all affected customers are to 26, up to. May be informed. “If you are not contacted, then not accessed your data,” stressed the Airline.

With over 2200 customers was accessed, according to Easyjet on the data of credit cards. You had already been offered support. The BBC, according to Easyjet noted in January, the first signs of an attack. There has been no information as to who could be behind the attack.

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The hacker’s attack could be the Airline that suffers like all the break-in of air traffic due to the corona pandemic, a high money penalty.

competitor British Airways is fighting against a Fine of the equivalent of 200 million Euro after the theft of hundreds of thousands of credit card data in 2018, imposed by the competent authority of the ICO. On the recommendation of the ICO Easyjet please the customer, to be particularly vigilant, especially in the case of E-Mails.

In recent years, there had been hackers attacks, with hundreds of millions Affected. The record of the Internet group Yahoo, in the case of the unknown attacker gives 2013 access to data from all three billion user-Accounts holds. The name, E-Mail addresses, telephone numbers, and an obscured passwords.

the Chinese suspected

In the year 2018, the captured attacker in the world’s largest hotel group, Marriott data from up to 383 million guest entry through a security gap in the daughter brand of Starwood. Including more than five million non-encrypted pass numbers.

U.S. authorities suspect Chinese hackers are behind the attack and point out that such data could be, among other things, for secret services are interesting. On Ebay got the Hacker in a in may 2014, the known attack data from around 145 million customers, including E-Mail and residential addresses, and Login information.


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