In Berchem (antwerp) / Shot – In-BluePoint Antwerp, at the 27th and 28th of november and the second is the Logistics Hackathon run its course. Teams of students and skilled workers from the protection and safety find new solutions to specific issues for the participating companies.

Hackathons are shooting now, as the mushrooms out of the ground. They are thought to be well suited for tricky technical issues to deal with already for a long time, and that creative solutions are required. Within a short, defined period of time going to the teams of students and/or experts in search of solutions. So thought, also, OTM’s (of the group of Belgian shipping companies), just for the logistics sector. After a Dockflow last year Lanark – Digital-Suply-Chain-Engineers, from the Shots of the event for them to put into place.

“With the hackathon, wants to be OTM, a breath of fresh air in the logistics sector, let it go. The hackathons have their origins in the information technology sector. Software and website developers to come up with a solution in which a particular app, website or program is stored. The Logistics Hackathon, it is not intended to be in front of the computer, a program is written, but the idea is to make a practical, usable solutions to problems faced by companies in the logistics industry in the day-to-day lives,” said Wim Farasyn, managing director of Lanark.

“for The participating companies to commit themselves to that, the winning team will have the opportunity to be in business to come and present”, is Farasyn on. “Last year, this is one of the companies has led to the implementation of the proposed solution.

For all the players in the teams it supplies, perhaps even creating a new challenge for the companies. “The idea is, in the first instance, to have an outside fresh view on some issues. But there’s also a recruiting element to it. During the hackathon, and look for the companies of participants of the tussenzitten that they will be able to use it”, it does very well.