The self in Mainz all day. Namely that at the end of the two hours, everyone in the sold-out house applaud the Ensemble standing and blissful cheer, as otherwise only the fools at the carnival parade – and you will not understand for a moment the world.

Christoph Schütte

a Freelance writer based in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

“in Mainz will love it”, had, meanwhile, the outgoing managing Director of the legendary cabaret, Ewald Dietrich, already before the premiere of “John Gutenberg. The Musical“ forecast. And he was right.

the final of the Gutenberg-year

in fact, the colorful, one of a three-piece Band accompanied the evening seems to be the Grand Finale of the Gutenberg-year quite suitable, if not in London’s West end, on Broadway or in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, so however, at least in Mainz, one or the other season long for sold-out performances. And it was only because Margit Sponheimer, an honorary citizen of the city, sang to the audience from the soul: “Yes, if wine, if the wine, when the wine would be…” with clapping As the audience, including Lord mayor Michael Ebling (SPD), state Minister of economic Affairs, Julia Klöckner (CDU) or Entertainer Harald Schmidt all sorts of celebrities, ever enthusiastic, almost like the “Blue Bock”.

But otherwise? Because even Sponheimer, which is responsible in Frank Golischewskis as the successor for the – also from him – the perennial “Wet & Cheerful” as a guide sent from the world of Gutenberg to the present and back, and also the mighty Bass Gunther Emmerlichs in the title role could not save the intimate stage, staged musical theatre really. And why the author, composer and Director enthusiastic the theater, but to call non-seriously talented age of the President of the Bavarian Landtag, Helmut mark word (FDP), as his opponent, John Fust has occupied, it is possible to explain only with the Running Gag of the Evening: “facts, facts, facts”.

Enough material for a piece of

And always remember the reader. After all, mark was also a Journalist. However, not in the Mainz-born viewers Golischewski thought obviously less than the “Focus”readers. Because of “Gutenberg”, from all the scenes, nibbles, numbers, a piece is hardly ever. The history of Johannes gensfleisch between Mainz and Strasbourg and Eltville offers between credit and bankruptcy, cabal and love, Quintin Church, and print materials workshop from all enough. Only Golischewski, as the Piccolomini, even in the supporting role on the stage, apparently not quite decide what story he wants to tell. And how.