Günther Oettinger warns: Hard Brexit could cost Germany hundreds of millions of euros


    the EU budget Commissioner, Günther Oettinger, has warned of new financial burdens for Germany, should there be a disorderly exit of Britain from the EU. The British exercised their rights and obligations as contribution payers not up to the end of the financial year 2019 to come in the next year, “a mid three-digit million amount in addition to Germany,” said Oettinger, the Newspapers of the Funke media group on Thursday.

    The EU Commissioner does not hold, however, it is not excluded that the exit agreement between the UK and the EU take place in London, but still a majority: “It is completely unlikely that the British Parliament in January approved the divorce agreement,” said Oettinger. Because for a disorderly Leaving or for a new Referendum, there is no majority.

    The probability for the British staying in the EU was of the view that Oettinger’s “in the past few months, something bigger”. Nevertheless, he will assume that it will come as planned to the outlet at the end of March.