dear Ms. Schipp, I’m 15 and have read your guide on how to use the Smartphone. Honestly,I have excited myself about it quite a bit. In English class we had to write multiple letters to the editor, however, always to topics that don’t interest us really. When reading your article, however, I had the urgent need to comment on a few things or right. And I don’t think I speak only for myself, but for many of my Generation, the very poor get out of it.

I’m in the ninth class of a grammar school. Since the time I was twelve, I own a Smartphone, the old one from my mother. I use it for Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, listen to music, but also to the representation plan of my school, guitar Chords, words, or bus timetables look up or to let me Wake up in the morning. In our home there was never a cell phone use contract, as you suggest it. Nevertheless, I think that I have my phone use a good grip. According to the “screen time”function of the iPhone I spend every day about 90 minutes on the phone.

So I feel good. To me a contract within a family is very strange, if not ridiculous. Such rules can conflict, but in the first place, because they represent the phone as a fundamental Problem. As a teenager, you will feel restricted and addiction (you can also find most of the time) means and ways to circumvent these rules. Who has from 22 clock no W-Lan and more, asks the neighbor for the password. Also, I am of the opinion that children and young people should learn themselves to assess when it is enough (this applies, for example, also for sweets), and need to understand what and why something can be dangerous.

in General, their seemingly basic aversion to surprise me the Smartphone. Your presentation makes the mobile phone such as the Evil par excellence. Also your statement that “reason and flickering of the screen, to exclude completely”, I have to disagree unfortunately. I can’t understand why a twelve-year-old should not be in the position to use his cell phone to be reasonable. As long as you don’t overdo it with the time-of-use and the Smartphone makes sense, it closes the. Eventually, they all realize that it is extremely stupid, if you, for example, at a Party or in the break, constantly on the phone. The power of a fast to the outsider, which nobody wants.

That you use when eating with the family, no cell phone, but talk, you should have noticed long before the first Smartphone. Then you also need later, no contract.

I find that Whatsapp is contrary to its description, quite useful and a good service. Clearly, it is 16 – but let’s be honest, who is? In my class use it, with the exception of two pupils all, and we clearly get along quite well. It is not that the two noticed without Whatsapp some things. To us, however, this is not just about “being there”, but rather the practical Use of the App. In my environment it is quite normal to make appointments via Whatsapp, homework exchange, to organize Training and team line-UPS. I’m always with my brother in the contact, studied in Holland, and I write to my grandpa, if he is in the hospital. Of course, we also talk on the phone, but this is not so easy, because our daily routines are very different.

It is clear that messages can’t replace a real conversation, and you’re not supposed to. In many situations, however, it is incredibly convenient to be able to Whatsapp. Therefore, I do not understand your tip, Whatsapp for as long as possible to delay. What exactly is so dangerous and bad?