The tow truck beeps loud, while he resets. One could almost say that he belongs to the construction site at the städel Museum in Frankfurt. The facade will be renovated. However, a worker climbed the scaffolding and asks: “Is the car the art, or even what is to come?” The answer is: both.

Theresa White


F. A. Z.

Before the Städel is parked a Jaguar E-Type, a sleek model in White with a colorful “rainbow circles” from acrylic paint. Luzius Ziermann, a Frankfurt-based artist, has painted it a few years ago. Car lovers cried out. The construction workers at the Städel Museum says: “This hurts.”

But Ziermann wanted to “ET” – so his car is art and for its exhibition, “signature of light” to advertise. He had the car three years ago on a gondola on the Grand Canal cruise. In the Video it looks like it would be a visit to the city as a Tourist.

this Monday afternoon in the drizzle, he staged the Jaguar at the fence of the städel. The crane of the tractor pulls it up and places it on a ramp. Then his muzzle was rising in the sky.

As he would to the great art these include want

“ET” has been on the rear wheels, so, as he wanted to climb over the fence to the Städel. As he would covet the inlet, at the fence shaking, “Let me in!” yell, to demand, to great art to want to belong. Ziermann holding the car on a leash, and between the lips a cigarette in the free Hand, a few papers, on which he has written down, what is the meaning of the action. From the rear it looks like the artist went with “ET” for a Walk, and the Jaguar wanted to go to the Museum. But he is not allowed.

Ziermann had long negotiated with the Städel, if he could not build an Installation on the stairs. “So, as the Jaguar wool queue for a Ticket,” he says. As a Frankfurt artist, he played like places that are important for the city. Just around the corner from the Städel Museum, in the Swiss court, it will issue shortly, acrylic sculptures, to represent a beautiful forest. Twice the Museum got hold of him hung or not responding. “Now I just got the satchel. I have been fighting since time immemorial for permits.“ But art is not created, it was something New, something Unexpected: “art does not ask for permission.” Like the Impressionists, their works were revolutionary, and contemporary art was also surprise and Existing behind the question.

Luzius Ziermann planned the Guerrilla action for two months, committed 15 friends and Acquaintances to build a device, the “ET” males. The action cost him about 2000 Euro. With eight volunteers, he turned the car perpendicular to the fence. “It is not convenient and the cost is courage.” Before the crane had moved the car, he was afraid that it could tip. It is not laterally secured, so that it looks as the stemme of the Jaguar itself. However, the construction stops. Ziermann takes “ET” on the leash, and posing for photos.

The pair of passers-by, come over, look and take pictures. Drivers wind around the Installation carefully. No one is calling the police, no one is complaining. Probably most people think that “ET” is part of the Städel, says an observer. The action is actually subversive, and previously top secret was kept, remembers hardly any.

After about an hour, the Jaguar is again lowered. “We need to challenge our luck too much,” says Ziermann and grabs the papers in the trunk. For him, the action is a success. He hopes that you will make the Jaguar even more well-known.