Nine-course winter tires of the size 185/65 R15, the car, for example, for small as the Opel Corsa and VW Polo, and three all-season tyre test of the expert organization GTÜ and the auto club ACE were are in the tire. During all the winter tires were able to convince snow-covered roads, had a lot of rain wet road problems. Since the Winter tends to be milder, you could do a rethink on the part of the developers of winter tires is necessary.

Just in case of rain, a wet road surface differences

test winner of the last year presented Continental winter contact TS 860. He received the title of "very quot recommended&; and was placed in all the technical disciplines of the top places. The winter contact TS 860 was able to convince the Tester both in the case of snow or rain as well as dry road conditions. When braking from a speed of 80, the Continental wintercontact TS 860 after 34 yards – the second-placed Goodyear ultra grip 9 has the same braking distance.

The cheapest winter tyre model in the field, the Kenda Wintergen 2 (four tires cost 204 euros) occupied the first place in the category of "winter properties", comes in at 80 km/h, however, only 41 meters to stop. Also in the case of wet surfaces and Aquaplaning of the Wintergen has 2 problems. Therefore, the testers awarded only the predicate "recommended". The same review of the Pirelli Cinturato and Winter, showed significant weaknesses in the snow-covered roads and also on dry road braking conditions had way. Winter tires left? Here is the test winner buy

Six of the models are "recommended"

Despite some minor weaknesses achieved a lot of tyre evaluation, "recommended"; next to the second placed Goodyear ultra grip 9 is also the Nokian WR D4, the Dunlop Winter Response 2, the Kumho winter craft, the Bridgestone Blizzak LM001, and the Nexen Winguard Snow g WH2 were able to convince.

FOCUS Online Expensive does not equal better: What should you consider when buying winter tyres all-season tyres for the first time, the predicate is "very

recommended" No tyre change, no second set of rims and tire pressure sensors: Many reasons speak for all-season tires. So delight yourself in the past few years, growing in popularity. Despite some improvements, the "Allseasons" but a compromise. All-rounder it is not the conclusion of the Tester. The Michelin cross climate+ is more of tires a summer, with winter properties. After all, for the First time has a year-round, the predicate is "highly recommended" reach, he was able to Continental AllSeasonConact compete on a snow-covered road with snow tires. On dry pavement, however, he has a long braking distance, just as the third all-season tires in the Test, the Waterproof Nokian. Only the combination of good Winter and summer tires ensures optimum Grip, no matter what the Season. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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New winter tires need to have snow flake Symbol

When buying new winter tires the car should pay attention to the owner, that you wear the peaked Mountain with snowflake ("Alpine-icon"). Since the beginning of this year, mandatory for all newly manufactured winter tyres. Older snow tires with the M&S-marks may still be driven until 2024, quick Changeover is not necessary. Timely tire change. After all, who tire in snow and ice with summer on the way, risking a fine of up to € 60. If there is a stronger impediment to transport 80 Euro will be even due, and a point in the Flensburg traffic sinner card file, this.

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