Groups of up to 30 people allowed – the Whitsun week-end luring people into the mountains and to the Aquatic summer weather caused a traffic jam and congested buses in the recreational areas. The latest relaxations of the Covenant were widely used.0 comment people the beautiful weather to enjoy on the lake of Zug in Zug.Photo: Alexandra Wey/Keystone

On the Sunny weekend of Pentecost many recreation areas have been very well attended in Switzerland. Very popular trip goals were in the mountains, this led in part to clogged and blocked roads. The post cars were very busy.

Very few of the passengers wore masks, as a spokesperson of the postal car on Monday told the news Agency Keystone-SDA. In the German and in the Western part of Switzerland, less than five percent of the travelers masks would wear, although in the vehicles shown in the Videos would encourage the passengers to do so.

There is no difference between the two regions, said the spokeswoman. In the Ticino, however, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic-affected cantons, would carry around twenty per cent of the passengers in the buses masks.

police marked presence

Popular recreation areas in the Canton of Glarus and Zug reported on the weekend, strong frequencies, as it was called when the transport service Viasuisse and the two cantonal police. Also in the Bernese Oberland, the traffic increased partially. In the Canton of Bern, a number of rubber came down a boats in Thun, the Aare and were in the direction of Bern drive.

Not only in the mountains a lot of people were on the road, in the cities, the people enjoyed the summer mood. So were in Chur, this week tended to return more people on the go, especially on Friday and Saturday, as it was called on Monday to request. The rules of conduct with respect to Covid-19 had, however, been met without any problem.

The police Department of the Canton of Basel-Stadt was also high on Pentecost, of the control of activity and marked the Hotspots of presence. The regulations have been adhered to on the weekends there, too, of the Establishments and most people.

On Saturday, further easing of the measures against the Coronavirus pandemic were in force. So spontaneous meetings with about five to 30 people are allowed, what was widely used. The distance and hygiene rules apply but continue.

(SDA /aru)

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