The class action suits that sought to Test and Purchase was at the Irish low-cost airline, Ryanair, will take place on Friday opened. For the French-speaking ondernemingsrechtbank of Brussels, the conclusietermijnen to be determined. According to Test-aankoop to around 1.150 people have signed up for the group action.

the Purpose of the class action is to obtain compensation for an estimated 40,000 passengers last summer, been hindered by several strikes of Ryanair staff at the airport of Zaventem and brussels south Charleroi airport. Test-achats considers that passengers have a right to at least eur 16 million.

the Test-achats had, during the strike days (on 25 and 26 July, 10 August and 28 september), more than 170 of the delayed or cancelled flights to and from both airports. According to the consumers ‘ association have taken passengers right to the extra compensation in addition to reimbursement of their tickets or for their rebooking. That compensation is in European standards, amounts to between 250 and 600 euros, depending on the distance of the flight.

Minimum year

it’s a Ryanair refuses to pay compensation. According to the world’s travellers, there is no right to it, because its beyond the control of the airline would have to have been made. A line of reasoning that the Test you Purchase is in dispute.

The court will first of all need to decide whether or not the case of Test-achats is acceptable. Thereafter, it is for the court to depend on whether those affected by it, all, automatically, in the case is to be included (opt-out), or that they should sign up (opt-in). It is expected that the class action procedure, at least for a year, it will take a while.

at The hearing on Thursday is only a preliminary hearing for the conclusietermijnen to be determined. It will not be called.

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