Grégory case: an exclusive Planet survey available on September 12


The countdown begins. On Monday, September 12, 2022, Planet will unveil the first episode of its exclusive investigation Murder of little Grégory: the cases surrounding the case.

Over the course of six parts full of twists and turns and buried secrets, Camille Dorcy and Éléonore Bounhiol, society journalists, come back to the failings of the Villemin, Jacob, Bolle and Laroche clans.

While evoking well-known facts, such as the tragic fate of Murielle Bolle or the murder of Bernard Laroche, shot by his cousin Jean-Marie Villemin…

But also less heard stories, namely the death, in the family, of other children before Grégory, the omerta around certain incestuous relationships or even the identity of Jacky Villemin’s father, the “bastard”.

To support our story, we took care to talk to various protagonists of the case: lawyers, investigators, journalists, witnesses and experts will punctuate our episodes and provide us with reliable elements and precise details, allowing us to discover this sprawling file. from a whole new angle.

At the beginning of the Villemin affair, forbidden love stories and an unhealthy jealousy from one family to another. Among these taboo relationships, we find the adventure between Monique Villemin, Grégory’s grandmother, and a man named Thiébaut… The illegitimate couple gives birth to Jacques, later adopted by Albert Villemin, Grégory’s grandfather.

For 17 years, Jacques ignores the painful secret of his birth… A secret that will soon become the obsession of the crow of Vologne.

In this first episode, we come back to the origin of the family curse, the relationship between Monique and Thiébaut or even the poisoned support of the crow for the “bastard” of the Villemins.

Louisette Jacob is the daughter of Léon and Adeline Jacob, but also the sister of Monique Jacob. Considered “simple” within the family, she actually has a mental deficiency and is the victim of incest by her father, with whom she shares the marital bed.

From this incestuous relationship was born Chantal Jacob, who suffered from an even greater deficiency than that of her mother.

This birth is a long-kept family secret, which the crow who harasses all the clans does not dare to attack… Which is revealing in our investigation.

In the Vosges, the huge Villemin/Bolle/Laroche/Jacob family tree is arousing many rumours. Among them, that of an affair between Christine Villemin and Bernard Laroche, who would be the illegitimate father of Grégory.

In reality, these rumors all, or almost, start from the same point: the lynching of Christine, jealous of everyone.

In this third episode, we evoke this dynamic as well as all the other “family secrets” in order to disentangle the true from the false.

First suspect in the Grégory Villemin affair, Bernard Laroche is finally released after a few months of pre-trial detention, and murdered by his cousin, Jean-Marie, on the steps of his house.

On one side, a man convinced of having avenged the death of his son, on the other, a widow who seems haunted by the curse.

Bernard leaves behind Marie-Ange Bolle, pregnant, and her first child, Sébastien. The investigation explores this unknown side of the family, their tragedies and their quirks.

Murielle Bolle, a red-haired face tragically known for being the one who delivered several versions of history. It is at this precise place that the investigation gets stuck: when did the young teenager tell the truth? Did violence break out the night after his hearing? How does she live today?

Planet explored in depth the fate of the one who knows.

For years, the shadow of the crow hovered over the Vosges. Thanks to the work of several experts, hypotheses can now be formulated as to the identity of the hand or hands at the origin of these missives… But also of his real motivations, his secretiveness and his modus operandi.