(Quebec) The Consumer Protection Office (OPC) should impose a $100,000 fine on Énergir for engaging in prohibited practices.

That’s what the Get Out the Gas Coalition is calling for. in a formal complaint filed with the OPC.

The organization maintains that the gas company is acting in a deceptive manner.

Thus, customers who pay more to obtain natural gas from a renewable source would in fact receive regular natural gas of fossil origin, like other customers.

In an interview with La Presse Canadienne, Greenpeace spokesperson Patrick Bonin said people in good faith are being fooled by paying three times as much as their neighbors for the same product.

The coalition argues that the Énergir network does not allow the personalized transport of the two types of gas, that is, gas of fossil origin and renewable gas.

No less than 1,484 residential and industrial customers would be harmed.

The coalition demands that Énergir show transparency.

The OPC will have to decide on the admissibility of the request and if it is, undertake an investigation.