The new Flemish air quality plan is poor and does not meet the requirements set out by the courts last year on the Flemish region of belgium. That said, Greenpeace on Wednesday. The conservation group has, therefore, to be a bailiff is instructed to go to the cabinet of the Flemish minister of Environment and Energy, Zuhal Demir (N-VA).

Greenpeace, the Flemish government, two years ago, to the right, because of the unhealthy air, in Flanders, and, more particularly, to the permanent exceeding of the European standards for nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The judge gave it to Greenpeace, are equal, and decided by the Flemish government, within one year from the date of service of the judgment (as of november 6, 2018), an air quality plan had to be a way that demonstrates how these unlawful transgressions in the shortest time will be eliminated.

The plan is for the new Flemish government has now come up, to answer, here according to Greenpeace, this doesn’t do that. “This is not a free plan, without any teeth,” says Joeri Thijs, an expert in indoor air quality and Greenpeace. “It does not guarantee that the air quality in the short term. Many people that exercise their right to fresh air at once, to earn a better. Therefore, we will be sending a bailiff to the office of the prime minister Demir in order to comply with the judgment is to be enforced.” On pain of a periodic penalty payment of € 1,000 per day.

a little detail, no deadlines,

The measures proposed in the plan are to contain, according to the environmental organisation, to the little details, and have no concrete deadlines. “It is not a smart road pricing, low emission zones will not be required, and there is no clear process for the implementation of the car park. A number of proposals are in addition to the jurisdiction of the federal and local governments, and the lack of agreements on how they will be met,” says He.

According to a scientific study of dying in Belgium, there is always more than 9,000 people early on due to the unhealthy air, and nearly one-quarter of children with asthma, suffer from the condition due to emissions of nitrogen dioxide, mainly due to the flow of traffic.

According to Greenpeace, Flanders has a lot to gain from an ambitious air quality plan, not only for our own health, but also for the environment. A report by the European environment Agency (eea), EEA showed a few weeks ago, that the policy against atmospheric pollution, it helps to use the climate crisis to deal with.

The officer will be the Flemish government’s notice to submit a daily penalty to be paid, such as in the sentence, it was stated, and for so long as the plan does not meet the requirements set out in the judgment. “We regret that we take this step. However, we hope that this will be the Flemish government, at last awake, to take the urgent, ambitious and credible policies for healthier air,” said He.

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