Great Britain and Brexit: Why is the Minister of health, buying refrigerators


More than two hours discussed the Cabinet in the last (regular) meeting before the Christmas break, as the country is on a unregulated to prepare for Brexit. The sums and purposes, but also to symbolism. Both the EU and the critics of the “Deals” should be clarified with the choice of topics that it thinks the government Seriously: If the Brussels-agreed exit agreement in January was not a majority in the lower house, you are ready for the most likely consequence is that an exit without a Deal with Brussels.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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Two billion pounds the government wants to invest in the next Phase of emergency planning. According to unconfirmed Reports, first of all, 500 million will flow into the budget of the Ministry of interior in the recruitment of new customs and border officials. 400 million to the environment and the Ministry of agriculture transferred; in this way, IT-systems for the Agricultural and fish exports built. Other departments have already received extra money.

health Minister Matt Hancock said on Monday evening with a twinkle in his eye: “I became the largest refrigerator buyers in the world; that’s not what I expected.” For at least six weeks to be held in the hospitals of the country drugs for case to be delivered, that it by Unger Brexit apply difficulties.

May want to hesitate Brexit vote as long as possible

106 technical regulations have been adopted, but no one believes that a No-Deal-Brexit friction-free organize. Housing Minister James Brokenshire said on Tuesday: “of Course it would be short-term consequences”. The extent of this will however only become apparent when the conditions of an uncontrolled exit. In London, it is expected that in this case, agreements with Brussels would be found to prevent, at least, a Chaos on airports and the channel tunnel, as well as interruptions of the data and capital.

A remarkable career has, meanwhile, a variant of the unregulated emergence of the “managed no deal”. According to “Daily Telegraph” sympathize eleven Ministers with this model, it should fail Mays Deal in the lower house. It is based on the idea that a sharp cut with the EU could be beneficial if there were sufficient time to have the shock buffer. The hope is to purchase from the EU to this purpose, a Transitional period of up to two years “” or “side Deals” with individual member States to conclude, in order to minimize disruptions in certain sectors. Brussels has rejected such Considerations earlier. The Minister of justice Davis Gauke stated in the Morning that the Cabinet will battles the proposal “”.