Gray card: how much will the tax horse cost in each region in 2023?


Inflation has been rumbling for several months now in France. The French have already had to change their consumption habits, whether in the way they spend energy or do their shopping. 2023 is still a good omen on several topics. Indeed, the most precarious regular motorists who use their vehicle daily to get to work will now be able to benefit from a new fuel voucher.

This will replace the fuel discount of 10 cents per liter at the pump which will end on December 31, 2022. From January 1, prices are therefore likely to increase again, but the government has planned this new aid which should apply to around 10 million French people.

To check eligibility and obtain this fuel allowance, however, it is necessary to submit a request. For this, the persons concerned can bring their tax number, license plate, car registration number and a sworn statement indicating that they use their vehicle to get to work.

Thus, the year 2023 still holds its share of good surprises, but also bad ones. Indeed, several services will see their prices increase. From February 1, for example, toll rates will increase by 4.75%.

Similarly, some motorists will also have to shell out more money when buying a car. The cost of the tax horse, necessary to obtain a gray card, will thus be higher in several regions.

Discover in our slideshow the list of metropolitan areas and the amount of the price of a tax horse that will be associated with it in 2023.