After the gridpenalty Max Verstappen leaves, Charles Leclerc on the polepositie next to him and team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Stumbling after his gridpenalty in fourth place.

This is mainly to look or to both of the Ferrari’s at the start of the long straight and the lead in the race and be able to maintain it. The achteropliggende the cars at the start of the back straight, after all, is a serious drafting.

in a 1-to 16 C., Leclerc, Ferrari.
2 5 S. Vettel, Ferrari.
3 44 L. Hamilton Mercedes
that’s 4 for 33, M. Verstappen, Red Bull) +3 Pos., the yellow flag will be ignored.
5 23. A. Albon, Red Bull.
6 77 V. Bottas’s Mercedes < / b> 7 to 55 C. and Sainz to McLaren.
8 4 L. Norris of McLaren.
9 26 D. Kvyat Toro Rosso.
10 10-P. Gasly, Toro Rosso.
11 11 S. Perez Racing to the Point.
12 of 27 N. Hülkenberg Renault.
13 3 D. Ricciardo, the Renault.
14 7. K. Räikkönen, Alfa Romeo,
a the 15 to 99, A. Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo < / b> is 16 to 18 L. the Stroll down the Racing of Point.
17 of 20 K. Magnussen, Haas F1’s.
18 8 R. Grosjean Haas F1 < / b> of 19, 63: G., Russell Williams.
20 88 R. Kubica Williams.

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