The Grammy Awards have changed its song and voted to eliminate its own nomination inspection committees — bands that ascertained the contenders for crucial awards in the coveted music series

NEW YORK — The Grammy Awards have changed its song and voted to eliminate its own anonymous nomination inspection committees — bands that decided the contenders for crucial awards in the coveted music series.

The Recording Academy made the statement Friday following the board of trustees met and accepted the change. The decision came after The Associated Press reported that the academy was likely to go over its nomination inspection committees and if it was time to get rid of them.

“This really is a brand new Academy, one which is driven to act which has doubled back on the dedication to fulfilling the requirements of the audio community. While progress and change are crucial drivers of the activities, 1 thing will always stay — the Grammy Award is the sole peer-driven and peer-voted recognition in audio,” he continued. “We’re honored to work together with the audio community yearlong to further enhance and guard the integrity of the awards procedure.”

The significant change comes months following The Weeknd blasted the Grammys and named them”tainted” after he made zero nominations to the 2021 series despite getting the year’s largest single with”Blinding Lights.” Candidates are now based strictly on votes produced by the academy’s 11,000+ graduate members, along with the academy stated that”over 90 percent of its associates may have gone through the requalification procedure at the end of the calendar year, ensuring the voting system is currently actively engaged in audio production.”

For the Grammys’ top awards — album, song and album of this year, combined with new artist — a nomination review committee of at least 20 audio generalists in previous years chosen the best eight nominees from these voted into the top 20.

Nearly all the 80-plus Grammy classes were voted by nomination inspection committees, which were meant to safeguard a particular genre integrity and also to function as further reports and checks. While nominees for a few groups like best pop vocal album and greatest pop solo operation were established only on votes, numerous genre groups needed nomination inspection committees.

However, concerns have loomed for many years around the nominations procedure with audio business gamers calling for greater transparency since the choice of finalists occurs behind closed doors. Others have promised that members of all crucial nominating committees promote jobs they worked or jobs they prefer according to personal relationships.

This past year the academy declared that musicians encouraged to take part in a nomination review committee would need to agree to the conditions of a conflict of interest disclosure form and show if they’d gain from a artist’s nomination for this class, whether the ties are financial, familial or imaginative.

That sounded like a response to former Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan, who had been fired just months to her job and times ahead of the 2020 Grammys.

Doubts concerning the Grammys voting procedure attained greater peaks when the Weeknd — who topped the charts with”Blinding Lights” and”Heartless,” established an uber-successful record with”After Hours” as well as performed in the Super Bowl — was seriously snubbed at this year’s series, held a month. The Grammys contrasted many of the additional songs awards shows, in which the Weeknd was a important nominee (he made 16 Billboard Music Award nominations Thursday), and he pledged to boycott the series.

Change was a middle of conversation in the Grammys for ages. The organization was criticized within the diversity in its own top awards, which rarely visit rap and modern R&B celebrities, including heavyweights such as Beyoncé, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Drake, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey and John Legend. While these acts have won at the rap and R&B groups, when it has to do with significant awards like album, song and album of this season, the winners are normally from the pop, rock, jazz or country genres. The business has also been targeted for its shortage of female champions in the top classes.

Even though there’s some negativity connected to nomination inspection committees, a few members favored them so that they can shield who’s permitted to become part of a particular genre. As an example, the rap area in the Grammys included a nomination review committee three years following Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won three rap Grammys at 2014 over Kendrick Lamardecided which was criticized by the audio community and people, as well as Macklemore himself.

Other changes announced Friday include restricting the number of celebrity groups Republicans can vote which has been decreased from 15 to 10. The academy stated that”these 10 categories have to be in no longer than three (genre) fields” All Republicans can vote for your best four awards.

Candidates will be announced after this year, and qualified songs and albums have to be published between Sept. 1, 2020 and Sept. 30, 2021.