In different cases, it is possible to combine a part-time activity, while benefiting from part of your future retirement pension. Phased retirement therefore allows you to supplement your salary with a fraction of your retirement pension. The latter amounts to the difference between the full amount of your future pension and the duration of work. However, can you return to full-time work following this phased retirement procedure?

To benefit from progressive retirement, you must be at least 60 years old and have contributed at least 150 quarters. By benefiting from this system, you can continue to obtain the advantages of your company such as employee savings, retirement savings, complementary health or even collective providence. You also avoid the malus of the Agirc-Arrco scheme and above all you contribute, in addition, quarters with a calculation of your retirement on your 25 best years. In this way, you can increase the amount of your permanent pension.

In some cases, your phased retirement can be cancelled. Thus, if you cease your activity and request your permanent retirement, it stops automatically. It is also possible to resume a full-time activity, that is to say 35 hours per week, but also to modify your part-time employment contract. During this process, if the part-time duration limits are exceeded, between 40 and 80% of the legal duration, it is not possible to continue the process of gradual retirement.