10,000 health professionals are currently on strike, according to figures relayed by Soline Guillaumin, general practitioner on strike, in the columns of BFMTV. Started on Monday December 26, 2022, this social movement was launched by the Doctors for Tomorrow collective and could last until Monday January 2, 2023.

Among the complaints of liberal doctors, the one that comes up most often is the increase in the price of the consultation from 25 to 50 euros.

“That does not mean doubling our salary! (…) It would allow us to hire a medical assistant, a secretary, to be able to join a group… If we want to work with several people, we need large premises , staff … We have to pay these people. It’s not to enrich us, “summarizes the striker with the continuous news channel.

In addition, doctors also deplore the lack of attractiveness of the profession for young medical students.

This strike was deemed “unwelcome in this period of extreme difficulty for the health system” by François Braun, Minister of Health, during a trip to the Annecy hospital (Haute-Savoie) this Wednesday, December 28 2022. “I’m not questioning doctors’ right to strike but it’s a very bad time (…) it’s not the right time,” he continued.

Caregiver holidays for the end of the year celebrations, strike movements, triple-epidemic of Covid-19, flu and bronchiolitis … In recent days, finding a doctor’s consultation has been an obstacle course for French patients. In our slideshow below, discover five alternatives to find an answer to your health problem, even if your GP cannot see you.