to combat have a higher child allowance and more benefits for education and is part of the Federal government to child poverty in Germany. Low earners with children, especially lone parents it should be easier to come by. This is evident from the design of the “Strong families act”, to adopt the Federal Cabinet this Wednesday and the German press Agency in Berlin was present.

Among other things, the children’s allowance should be increased so that it covers together with the children’s money to the average demand in the amount of the tax to the minimum subsistence level.

The children’s allowance is a financial support from the state for working parents, whose income is not sufficient to ensure the maintenance of their children sufficiently.

children protection Association: “Strong-bureaucracy-law”

further amendments to the child allowance is planned. The Reform of the child Supplement. in two stages to 1 July 2019 and the 1. January 2020 grab. For dropout, to cover the allowance and supplementary child allowance the tax-free subsistence minimum, to be excluded from the amount for education and part.

the benefits of the educational package have are with the new law, a number of improvements planned. For example, the amount of the facilities with school supplies to be increased. Own shares during the school Lunches and school transport are to be omitted. These and other improvements to the 1. August 2019.

The law, the Federal family and Federal submit to the Ministry of social Affairs, together, will be discussed after the scheduled Cabinet decision in the Bundestag. The Federal Council must agree. Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey (SPD) and Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD), want to companions, the proposed law after a Meeting with students, Parents, and parents Wednesday afternoon.