The long rule to an end search: Stefan Löfven has been elected to Sweden again to the Prime Minister. The 61-year-old politician, filed on Friday in the Parliament in Stockholm, less than half of the 349 MPs voted against him. Löfven received 115 votes in favour, 153 voted against him. There were 77 abstentions, and four members were absent. In Sweden, a candidate for government office must have the vote, not a majority, but it is sufficient, if not a majority against a right.

Löfven had to negotiate for months and the traditional block boundaries. His social Democrats remained in the parliamentary election last September, although powerful force, but how the second-placed moderate losses.

Due to the strong performance of right-wing populist Sweden Democrats, the traditional party blocks had no majorities. Löfven’s social Democrats and the Green eventually received a government agreement with the liberals and the centre party. These parties had previously belonged to the conservative Block of the Alliance. You want to work with Löfven in the case of certain subjects and the budget.