The accidental landing of a government Airbus in Cologne on the way to the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires provided at the end of November for excitement. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) met after the incident, the delay in the Meeting of the group of twenty most important heads of state and heads of government – with a line of flight of the Spanish Airline Iberia. According to a report by the news magazine “Spiegel” is said to have been causing the glitch “significantly” due to a fault of Lufthansa.

Lufthansa-Technik, a subsidiary company of the airline, waiting for the A340, the flight readiness since 2009 on a regular basis. As the “mirror” according to a confidential report of the General flight security of the German armed forces from the 15. In December, the Lufthansa in 2010, according to one of the maintenance Information that is important in the next not to the flight readiness: a new built-in digital communication system.

Also from the aircraft manufacturer Airbus trunk Service Bulletin for such changes had not been passed. However, according to information from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, no obligation, in these cases, the exchange of communication systems.

Lufthansa-Technik reacted on Thursday to the “mirror”-report and dismissed the allegations. It had been met “to any point in time,all of the air regulatory requirements,” said a spokesman for the company. “This also applies to dealing with documentation requirements.”

Now the Ministry of defence has objected to the report. “Significantly for the case of a failure of a component, in consequence, the radio equipment was. This is at Lufthansa Technik,“ said a spokesman for the defense Ministry on Thursday, the German press Agency. “The plane was always in a safe state, and the on-Board safety was always guaranteed,” he said.

“Bad solder joint”

The Bundeswehr has analyzed the breakdown on the government’s flight at the end of November, which was quite embarrassing, once again. In a four-page Dossier Brigadier General Peter Clement, is in the army for all aviation accidents responsible to lead, according to “mirror”information on the circumstances which have led to the incident. Shortly after the Start of the government machine is a “bad solder joint have caused” a transformer is a power outage in Parts of the on-Board electronics.