The Pitfield Bridges will be partially reopened beginning Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. The City of Montreal carried out their preventive closure at the end of May after discovering apparent cracks on the two bridges.

The two bridges which connect Gouin and Henri-Bourassa boulevards will once again be accessible to motorists during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Only one lane in the center of each bridge will be open.

“The analyzes carried out over the last few days have led to the conclusion that it is possible to reopen a lane in the center of each of the bridges, in complete safety for users,” the City of Montreal said in a press release.

According to her, the “apparent cracks” that had been identified did not propagate inside the structure of the two bridges, therefore not requiring additional measures in the short term.

However, reinforcement work will be planned in the coming months. The City assures that these “should be able to be carried out without further closure of the bridges to traffic”.

For truckers using the Pitfield bridges, the overload limitation already in force is maintained and monitoring will be reinforced.