Gordon Wyant and Cynthia Block Enter Saskatoon Mayoral Race

Saskatoon Municipal elections are set for November 13, 2024, with current Mayor Charlie Clark opting not to run for re-election. In light of this news, two prominent candidates have thrown their hats into the ring for the mayoral race in Saskatoon.

Ward 6 Coun. Cynthia Block and MLA for Saskatoon Northwest, Gordon Wyant, both made announcements on Monday regarding their intentions to run for mayor in the upcoming civic election. Block, a former journalist and University of Saskatchewan graduate, has been serving as a councillor since 2016 and is a long-time resident of Ward 6.

Block outlined five key priorities for her mayoral campaign, focusing on issues such as basic infrastructure funding, housing and homelessness, modernizing public transportation, reconciliation and inclusion, as well as revitalizing downtown Saskatoon. She envisions a future where Saskatoon is a modern, progressive city that is welcoming to all residents.

On the other hand, Wyant emphasized his campaign pillars of public safety, affordability, and transparency. He expressed concerns about the property tax increase in 2024 and aims to create a competitive economy while ensuring certainty for families and businesses in Saskatoon.

Wyant, a Saskatoon native, has an extensive political background, serving as an MLA since 2010 and holding various ministerial positions in the province. His decision to run for mayor comes after being acclaimed as a candidate for the Saskatchewan Party in September.

The upcoming civic election in Saskatoon is shaping up to be a competitive race, with candidates like Cary Tarasoff also vying for the mayoral seat. The elections are scheduled for November 13, 2024, and will mark a new chapter in the city’s leadership.

Overall, the race for Saskatoon mayor is heating up, with Block and Wyant bringing their unique perspectives and priorities to the table. As residents prepare to cast their votes in November, the future direction of Saskatoon hangs in the balance.

Gordon Wyant:
Gordon Wyant was born and raised in Saskatoon. He first entered politics as a city councillor for Ward 5 in Saskatoon and later transitioned to provincial politics, serving as an MLA since 2010. Wyant has held ministerial positions in advanced education, justice, and education, showcasing his diverse political experience. With a focus on public safety, affordability, and transparency, Wyant’s mayoral campaign aims to address key issues facing Saskatoon residents.